Various locations in Temple Cowley, Oxford, 2014.

As part of a larger project to design contemporary recreational facilities for Temple Cowley, Oxford, OB1 LIVE coordinated an Urban Sports Day event for the area.

Finding underused public spaces in the Temple Cowley area and using found materials, students transformed the place by making boundaries / edges / lines / surfaces / barriers / openings to define a playing space and making their own balls, bats and wheels. After inventing and refining a new game, passers-by were invited to join in and the event was filmed to record the temporary transformation of the space.

Collaborators and participants
The people of Temple Cowley

Jane Anderson, Rob Houmøller, Orestes Chouchoulas, Merce Rodrigo Garcia, Ruth Cuenca, Neil Kahawatte, Pouya Zamanpour

Initiated by: OB1 LIVE

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