OB1 LIVE is a programme of live projects commissioned by local community groups and designed by students at Oxford Brookes School of Architecture. Since 2008, OB1 LIVE have been working with charities; community groups; educational, social and heritage organisations to initiate positive change for local communities through design activity. They create permanent and temporary structures; test prototypes; raise and engage community participation and consulation; develop briefs and stimulate fund raising.

“A live project comprises the negotiation of a brief, timescale, budget and product between an educational organisation and an external collaborator for their mutual benefit. The project must be structured to ensure that students gain learning that is relevant to their educational development.”

Jane Anderson and Colin Priest in Architecture Live Projects edited by Harriet Harriss and Lynnette Widder (Routledge, 2014)

OB1 LIVE was founded in 2008 by Jane Anderson and Colin Priest at Oxford Brookes University.


For more information, contact Jane Anderson at the School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University.

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