Share Oxford, Oxford, 2019

Share Oxford’s Library of Things (LoT) launched in February 2019. It enables people to borrow rather than buy things that they need only occasionally such as gardening tools. As part of the Circular Economy, LoTs save waste, money and the environment by reducing consumption and nurturing community. OB1 LIVE undertook two projects for Share Oxford

Prototype mobile Library of Things

Share Oxford wish to initiate a mobile lending library / repair service that will pop up at community events and locations. The mobile LoT will be transported on Share Oxford’s cargo bike. It needed to be constructed from recycled materials and light enough for transportation on the cargo bike. Working in groups, OB1 LIVE students designed and built a prototype for demonstration and discussion at a stakeholder consultation event. Prototypes included pop-up canopies, stalls, storage, signage and lighting as well as devices to engage the public in the activities of Share Oxford such as the repair cafe and information / education about the circular economy.

Library of Things: local community branches

This second project for Share Oxford was more speculative, providing proposals for relocation or expansion via partnership with seven different community building types e.g. community centre, GP surgery and university campus. OB1 LIVE students designed extensions to existing community buildings to house the LoT and stimulate a mutually beneficial sharing relationship. The LoT provides shared space for storage, repair / maintenance, browsing, consultation, meeting and events. Proposals included integration with a university bus stop, a sheltered engagement with nature linking a GP surgery and park, and a coffee shop LoT.

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