Sylva Foundation, Long Wittenham, 2020

Sylva Foundation supports native forests. Their activities are centred on education, forestry, timber and science to promote the sustainable use of timber. OB1 LIVE students were asked to collaborate and consult with stakeholders at Sylva Fioundation to undertake a visioning process to explore the use of a derelict machine barn as a potential incubator centre.

The students worked in groups to understand the site and its users. At the end of the first month, their initial analysis and outline proposals were presented and discussed at a partcipatory design review. The remaining two months of the project involved work to progress individual design proposals in response to feedback from the design review.

The final proposals were analysed and emerging themes were identified and discussed with Sylva Foundation. The proposals and Sylva’s responses were gathered in a book that Sylva Foundation will use to stimulate discussion with stakeholders.

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